Top 10 Female Superheroes of All Time


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Male superheroes are in books, movies, and television shows. Just about everywhere we look there is a superhero jumping out ready to save the day.

What about the strong and powerful female superheroes? Females are often in the background of the story offering support to the main superhero, but maybe it is time to reverse these roles. Perhaps the time has come to showcase females in the limelight as the main character of the story. Women and girls want to see female superheroes in the leading roles in movies, books, and shows. Young girls could benefit from seeing a beautiful, tough, and confident woman combating evil and wrong doings in comic books or on the big screen. Older generations of females would enjoy seeing a woman portrayed as the superhero equipped to save the world on her own. Many times women feel like real-life superheroes in their personal lives, so seeing a movie or television show based on a female superhero would be captivating and entertaining.

Here is a list of the top 10 female superheroes and a brief glimpse into their characters and story.

1. Wonder Woman


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Wonder Woman has a popularity that spans over many decades, and she is still quite a favorable character among women and girls of all ages. She made her first appearance in 1941 and is often referred to as a feminist superhero because she is relentless in her fight for women’s justice. In her red, white, and blue attire, Wonder Woman, a warrior princess of the Amazons, combats male supremacy with her supernatural powers and striking accessories that double as weaponry. Equipped with her tiara that serves as a projectile, and unbreakable bracelets, Wonder Woman is ready to save and defend what is true and just while still looking put-together and beautiful.

2. Elektra


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Elektra is a female ninja assassin or kunoichi of Greek descent who first appeared in 1981. Her only weapons are  the pair of bladed sai, that she carries with her at all times, and her intelligence. She is prepared to face anything that comes her way. The superhero Daredevil adores her, but their love affair will never amount to anything because Elektra tends to be violent. She is a no-nonsense female ready to attack at even the slightest opportunity. Elektra has appeared in many comic series over the years. Her debut was in Daredevil, but she then went on to appear in Wolverine and Thunderbolts. Elektra has been coined one of the most dangerous superhero women. She is a lethal force to be feared by all.

3. Phoenix


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Phoenix is a young superhero by the name of Jean Grey. She realized her telepathic powers at the age of 10 when she felt the feelings of her dying friend. Confused and unsure about what this ability was, she attempted to seek professional help. Unable to avoid her supernatural ability, she had to learn how to live with this newly found power. Her character is quite complex and experiences various stages throughout her existence. She is targeted, attacked, and, at times, nearly defeated. For instance, when Mastermind mentally influenced Phoenix resulting in Dark Phoenix. Some might think that this would be the end of Phoenix, but Jean would survive and return to her ordinary state. She doesn’t allow herself to fall into defeat. She might be knocked down from time to time, but she finds the courage and strength to dig out of the terrible circumstance and thrive.

4. Lara Croft


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Lara Croft is the main character in the Tomb Raider video game. Lara Croft is an English archaeologist who journeys into perilous tombs all over the world. She goes on adventures to look into old tombs and finds herself in some dangerous situations. The video game debuted in 1996, but Lara Croft definitely did not end there. Lara soon ventured beyond the video games into the movie scene, advertisements, and action figures. Lara is a character with a feminine and beautiful exterior appearance, yet a physical strength and intelligence about her that ensures she is much more than beauty alone. She holds her own and isn’t afraid to tackle difficult situations without help of others. Lara Croft has become a role model, sex symbol, and a staple in modern pop culture.

5. Ms. Marvel


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Ms. Marvel is a superhero character from the Marvel Comics. Ms. Marvel appeared in 1968 and has had a few names since she first appeared. She appears like a typical person to the naked eye, but do not let her appearance fool you. She is virtually indestructible because she is supernaturally strong with stamina like no other. Ms. Marvel’s body and health is resistant to dangerous toxins. This resistance increases her physical durability and strength. Ms. Marvel absorbs the energy around her further increasing her power and strength.

6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer


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Buffy the Vampire Slayer was introduced in a television series in 1997. Buffy is a high school student with the ability to slay vampires. She attends Sunnydale High School, which happens to be located on Hellmouth, a portal to demon dimensions. So, regardless of whether or not she wants to put her slaying behind her, she realizes that the safety of those around her depends on hers, so he is forced to face these vampires. Besides slaying vampires, Buffy is a typical teenager dealing with the friends, love interests, and the obnoxious popular girls. She faces much of the same situations and serious conflicts of real-life teenagers. Towards the end of the series, Buffy teams up with a group of other females who gradually earn the power to slay vampires, and their team effort defeats Hellmouth.

7. Rogue


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Rogue is another young female superhero. She discovered her superhero powers when she was just a teenager, much like other superheroes. As these young females are dealing with the angst of teenage life, they discover they have a supernatural power that can be used for a purpose. Rogue realized early on that she could not live in a world surrounded by normal people. She was young and inexperienced, and she often found herself in very dangerous situations that she didn’t know how to handle herself. More often than not, Rogue found herself in troublesome predicaments with not-so-favorable outcomes. This was leaving Rogue confused and conflicted. The upset Rogue decides she wants to become part of a team, the X-Men, even though they are her enemy at the time. She proves herself by defending and protecting one of the X-Men members, and she is asked to join in their forces.

8. Supergirl


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Supergirl is the female version of Superman. She is actually related to him by more than having similar names. They are cousins. They share the same powers and weaknesses. She was introduced sometime in 1959 and made her first appearance in comic books. It didn’t take long for her to begin appearing in television, movies, and cartoons. She was just as famous as her counterpart, Superman. Although Supergirl dies in 1985, this was not entirely the end for her. Since then, there have been similar characters introduced but none were related to Superman until 2004. The modern day Supergirl is sent to live with her cousin, Superman, after a tragedy strikes Argo City. She attempts to lead a normal life while safeguarding her secret superhero identity, similar to her cousin’s lifestyle. They share the same lifestyle, issues, and abilities.

9. Black Widow


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Black Widow is a Soviet-spy enemy from the Iron Man feature. She began her career with no costume, but that was quickly rectified. Black Widow soon began wearing a tight Black Widow costume that has become synonymous with who she is as a superhero. Black Widow has had quite the career. She had her own series in 1970 and co-starred in Daredevil until 1975. She then joined the series The Champions until 1978. Later, she was known as part of the Avengers. Along with miniseries, novels, and short stories, the Black Widow was known for her high-tech weapons and athletic abilities. Her expertise in martial arts, ballet, and surveillance make her fun to watch and read about. Little girls enjoy her ballerina background, women enjoy her beautiful yet powerful persona, and everyone enjoys the action-packed storylines.

10. Storm


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Storm began as Ororo Monroe, an African priestesses. After losing her parents when a plan crashed into their home during an Arab-Israeli fight. She had nothing but the clothing on her back as she journeyed through life. She was taught how to pick pockets and steal. Her troubles did not end there. She survived by stealing until she found herself stealing from the wrong person. Although she was able to escape the troubles that she faced, she soon found herself being raped. She was forced to kill the man that was attempting to rape her. She discovered she had the ability to control the weather during her struggle across the Sahara Desert. It was not until she reached Kenya and spoke with Ainet, an elderly tribal woman, that she was taught how to use her powers in a responsible manner. She then became a member of X-Men and continued to learn more about herself and the world around her. The opportunity arose for her to become leader of the X-Men. The former leader Cyclops was no longer in the position to lead them, and Storm was torn whether she was the right choice. She would eventually become the leader of the X-Men and asserted herself as their leader.

Each of these women has different stories, different powers, and different lives, but they share so much in common. These women discover who they are through difficult times, trying times, and times of desperation. The times when most of us would give up or run and hide is usually the exact instance when the female superhero realizes her abilities, her strengths, and just how much she is capable of accomplishing. They are emotionally strong, determined, and relentless during any and all situations. They fight for their survival and for what they believe to be right. Even when these women find their superhero capabilities, life does not become simple and trouble-free. They still endure heartache, struggles, and circumstances that require great effort to endure–and who can’t relate to that?