How Do You Become a Video Game Tester Professionally?

Whether you play games on a console like the PS4 or XBOX One, or you have a love of computer games, you might wonder how you can become a video game tester professionally. Those who love video games view these positions as their ultimate dream jobs because they picture themselves playing video games all day long and developing games that other players will love. These positions actually require a high level of paperwork as well, which is why you should learn what testers do before you start looking for a new job.

Understand the Position

Business Insider journalist Rachel Gillett did an interview with a real game tester and found that the job is harder than many think. The tester admitted that while he did play games, he spent more time looking for bugs and glitches than he did actually enjoying the game. Most testers will only work on a few levels too. Instead of playing a game from the beginning to the end, testers often spend weeks working on the same level of just one game. They must also write reports that talk about the issues they found and offer opinions on how to improve the overall game play.

Make Contacts

To become a video game tester professionally, you must have contacts within that world. The tester Gillett interviewed actually got his job because he knew someone working for a video game design company. You can make those contacts online and in the real world. Join forums dedicated to different types of games, attend conferences and events that go over upcoming games and visit gaming conventions. The more people you meet in the industry, the more help you’ll get finding an open position.

Develop Gaming Skills

You might think that you have all the skills needed to work as a game tester until you think of the games you actually test on the job. These companies will not hear you talking about your favorite war game and instantly decide to give you all upcoming war games to play. While testers will look at new games from top series like Call of Duty and Battlefield, they also work on lesser known titles designed for younger players. You may find yourself working on titles that feature toys like Barbie dolls or cartoon characters from animated shows instead of the games you usually play.

Search for QA Jobs

If you do a search for video game tester jobs online, you’ll likely come across more scams than you do real jobs. That is because companies today use the term quality assurance specialist to describe its testing jobs. When you want to become a video game tester professionally, check the websites of all top gaming companies and design houses for open QA positions. Some sites require that you submit both a cover letter and a resume, but other companies will ask that you set up an online profile, fill in the work and experience sections and apply for jobs with that profile.

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Video game testers do more than just sit around and play video games all day long. They typically play the same small section of a game for weeks at a time and write detailed reports about their experiences. If that sounds like a fun to you, you can become a video game tester professionally with searches for QA jobs available at major companies.