What Does a Typical Day Look Like for an Online Game Design Graduate?

Video games are some of the fastest growing sources of digital media entertainment in the world. The games are not only wildly popular with today’s youth, but mature adults are known to indulge in hours of play as well. For these reasons it is no wonder that many people want to begin careers in game design. The industry usually classifies game design as all the work elements accomplished for games in their pre-production phase. Before deciding to enroll in one of the outstanding online game design degree programs available today, one should think about potential career options and know about the daily activities expected of game designers in their various specialties. Here are just some of the activities that online game design graduates normally do while working at video game design firms.

Creative Writing

The compelling story plots characteristic of the popular video games are developed by game designers who specialize in script development. Their work is akin to the activities of television and movie screen writers, and the script includes the setting, backdrop and general theme of the game. The key difference is that these game designers have less time to capture the imaginations of their audience than do screen and television writers. Their work must be interesting from start to finish, and creative enough to prompt game players to play the game multiple times. Other game designers working on a game design project write character dialogue and specific story lines. Even though most video game players readily notice stunning graphics and animation techniques, it is the story plot, characters and fabricated missions that are at the foundation of each video game. Game designers must have a fair amount of life experiences, a treasure house of historic drama from which to draw upon or a passion for literature. These tools are used to develop meaningful video game scripts that become timeless classics.

Game Environment Design

Game designers who specialize in creating the game’s rules, its level of play and the features that are associated with each level touch some of the more technical aspects of game design. The game features that vary at each level, character action and mission achievement areĀ mathematically derived. Game designers must know how to create significant challenges for each progressive level using mathematic equations. Also, game designers must portray the level of benefits or abilities that characters must display once they meet a certain level of achievement using the same types of equations. Discriminating video game players are no longer satisfied with spartan graphics and animations; they expect games that come alive through the full use of multi-media technology. It is the job of game designers who specialize in user interface and audio design to meet and exceed these expectations.

Collaborate With Programmers

Although many game designers have often taken a number of programming courses during their online game design degree programs, they usually pass their documented designs to other team members who specialize in translating designs into code to produce a video game. Even though game designers are taught how to document their designs in a standardized way, they still make themselves available to developers for questions about the correct interpretation of their designs. They also collaborate with programmers after initial testing to make needed modifications to their designs as most game designers are notorious perfectionists.


When taking a closer look at the field of game design, one sees that a love for playing video games is only a small part of the distinctive character traits that make video game designers successful. Game designers must also possess persistent creativity to solve artistic and technical challenges.