What Types of Skills are Required to be Successful in the Field of Game Design?

With the right combination of skills and knowledge, future game design professionals have opportunities to create their artistic visions for game consoles, computers, and other technological devices. From mathematical and coding knowledge to creativity and well-developed communication, there are a number of skills required to be successful in the career field of game design.

Mathematical Skills

To get started in the field of game design, a degree is often required. The curriculum in a game design degree is rooted largely in mathematics, from courses like algebra and physics to computer engineering and computer graphics courses. Computer programming and other similar coursework within this major degree of study require for students to have the mathematical knowledge necessary to understand different concepts in coding and design.

Programming Languages and Technical Knowledge

Many programs in game design include courses in computer science or computer programming such as C++, concepts in programming languages, algorithm design, analysis of algorithms, data management, and introductory concepts in artificial intelligence. A solid foundation in mathematics will be helpful for students completing curriculums in this discipline, which makes it necessary for professionals to have the understanding required in order to perform these types of tasks and apply this knowledge to additional tasks in the workplace.

In addition to being able to program and understand the math behind the design concepts, game design professionals must also be well-versed in the different types of technological platforms a game might operate on. For example, a game design professional will typically create a game to be used on a video gaming console, computer, tablet or smart phone device, or another type of medium. In order to be able to create games for one or multiple devices, game designers should be able to work with each type.

Artistic Ability and Creativity

Of all of the skills, some of the most important are related to the actual creation of the game and the game concept. To do this, game design professionals need to be creative and have the ability to express themselves through all types of artistic outlets, from drawing and painting to computer animation and graphics to writing a storyline and character development outline.

General Business Skills

Game designers often work in teams with other designers, writers, project managers, and other team member. Therefore, one of the skills that employers often look for are those that are related to teamwork. Additionally, game design professionals should be attentive to details, have the ability to communicate well with others both verbally and in writing, have solid organization and multi-tasking skills, and should be able to problem solve quickly. Additional information on skills that are helpful for a career in game design can be found at the International Game Developers Association website at https://www.igda.org/.

With the growing demand and competition of increasingly life-like and interactive games for a number of technological mediums, game designers need a diverse set of skills to create the platforms to keep consumers interested. Technical and mathematical knowledge, artistic ability, and general business abilities are the top categories for the skills required to be successful in the field of game design.