What Types of Internship Opportunities are Available for Those Receiving Online Game Design Degrees?

Those who love video games so much that they enroll in game design programs often want to know more about the types of online game design internships available to them. Internships are a great way to gain practical and real life experience that will help you when you apply for jobs later, and some students even turn their internships into full-time jobs after they graduate. The top gaming companies in the world hire internships, but you’ll find more internships available in the larger cities.

Types of Internships

The top development companies that offer internships let students gain a better understanding of how workers design and develop games. Many companies also let students choose an internship in a specific area of the process. An animation internship shows you how designers create everything from the background found in the game to the way that characters work and move, while a 3D internship focuses on teaching you more about how designers render 3D animation. If you want to know more about how those companies advertise products and games, you’ll enjoy a business internship, and other students will want to complete an internship on quality assurance and testing.

Online Internships

According to Willy Franzen, there are thousands of internships and entry-level jobs available through game design companies, including Gameloft, GREE, Stray Boots, GSN and Betaworks. Many of those companies have positions open at their head offices, but you can also find some online internships available as well. With an online internship, you complete your work from home or school, and the company won’t require you to live on-site. Though you often have fewer options with an online internship, you can still gain a better understanding of what designers do and how those companies operate.

What to Expect

Online game design internships give students a behind the scenes look at the business of game design. Before you fantasize about building your own games, working as a full-time employee or helping launch a popular game, keep in mind that you are just an intern. You typically handle smaller tasks and work as support staff. Interns often make coffee, answer phone calls and file paperwork. Some companies will give you a little more hands on experience in the form of beta testing new games, providing feedback for existing games and sitting in on design meetings.

How to Apply to Online Game Design Internships

Many schools now have job boards and websites that let you see the type of internships available to you. You can also search for internships online and query game development companies. Those companies often ask interns to move for the summer or a semester, and some of the more popular cities with game design companies include New York City and Los Angeles. You need to submit a copy of your resume and a cover letter that describes the position you want to apply for and why you deserve that spot. Some companies also require that you send a copy of your portfolio or a link to a game you designed.

The right internship can land you a high paying development job later. Those positions let you network with others, get your feet in the door and gain some great experience. Online game design internships let you learn more about production, development and more.

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