What Type of Work Experience Would be Most Beneficial While Obtaining an Online Game Design Degree?

Gaining work experience while obtaining an online game design degree helps you show potential employers that you aren’t just another student fresh out of college. Millions of people play video games and online games, and many of those players dream of one day creating and launching their own games or working for a development company. With job experience on your resume, you can show why you’re a better fit for game companies than other applicants.

Game Development Internships

Online game design degrees give you the chance to learn more about software and programs, discover how developers design games and even build a few simple games of your own without taking classes on a local campus. While some students think that online program don’t offer internships, many schools do help students find internships and give students credit for internships they land on their own. Though you might find yourself spending more time filing paperwork and answering phones than working on game design, you’ll still gain some much needed experience.

Co-Op Experiences for Students

A co-op program is similar to an internship, but doing a co-op program helps you gain even more experience. A co-op is essentially an agreement between a school and a company that the company will pay students to work and the school will provide the company with its best and brightest students. You can work for a software company, a video game development company or even a design company. Students can make as much as $40,000 a year or more working for that company before graduation. Many students who do this type of work experience while obtaining an online game design degree later transition into full-time employment with their employers.

Build Your Own Games

Do you want to get your hands dirty and jump right into the world of game design? Instead of working for a development company, why not build a few games of your own? The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that software developers make a median annual salary of $93,350, and you can be one of those highly paid developers. Use the feedback that you receive from your family and friends to build newer games and programs, and offer your games for sale through various marketplaces, including the Android Marketplace and iTunes. Some developers found success building games that they offered for free through those marketplaces and made money off the ads that they incorporated into those games.

Test New Games

People around the world dream of making a living as a game tester. Game testers play games during the beta stages, find problems and issues that disrupt their game play and send their feedback to the developers. To gain this type of work experience while obtaining an online game design degree, you need to apply for open positions with game companies and development companies. These positions require more than just a love of video games. You need to keep detailed notes about your experiences, follow the instructions given to you by the company and send back copies of your notes.

Playing video games and finishing a degree won’t help you find a job as quickly as showing the experience that you gained in that degree program will. The type of work experience while obtaining an online game design degree that you earn can include designing your own games or doing an internship with a development company.  One can also consider taking open courses in online game design to help build experience as well.