What Software Development Jobs are in Game Design?

The software development jobs in game design aren’t limited to just developing and creating games. There are also jobs available in management, quality assurance, system programming and testing.

Mobile Software Developers

Mobile device software developers create apps and platform for all types of activities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. On any given day, they may seamlessly integrate data sources, deliver content to mobile websites and create dynamic and engaging user experiences. These software developers value collaboration, have a strong drive to improve apps and are excited to learn new skills and technologies. They need to be avid problem solvers who leverage data metrics, monitoring tools and testing procedures to streamline app efficiency and performance. Mobile device software developers usually have significant experience building web applications, a strong understanding of distributed service architectures and strong knowledge of SQL database management. They should be comfortable with every stage of the software development lifecycle and have experience troubleshooting in app production environments. Software developers should have the ability to apply test methodologies into daily routines.

Game Tester

Game tests may work as independent contractors or in companies that create games for various platforms. They provide actionable analysis that is tailored to client requirements. They provide custom reports, industry publications, test briefings and even hands-on workshops. Game testers conduct consultative research because they must generate and deliver analytic solutions. This involves leveraging research programs, risk assessments, long-range forecasts and scenario analyses. Game tests create analytic frameworks and comparative methodologies for performance evaluation, risk modeling and strategic planning purposes. The games they design provide creative ways for clients to face challenges, formulate strategies, build consensus among users and explore unintended consequences. Games usually have a few years’ experience in software or quality assurance testing. They must know how to interpret business requirements and translate them into test procedures and guidelines.

Software Systems Developer

Software systems developers evaluate existing workflow, work methods, standard systems and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to benchmark the effectiveness and quality of software development projects. They leverage data analysis and process improvement methods to improve software development policies and processes. The goal is to improve operations, maintenance, planning and scheduling to increase production and delivery. Software systems developers review software development configurations, develop new computer system solutions and recommend new supporting ERP systems and environments. They need experience with SQL scripting, reporting, analysis, integration and server management. Most employers expect them to have experience with Microsoft products and integration tools like SSIS and Smart Connection.

Mobile Developer

Mobile developers will create social and mobile games. They work with software engineers, game designers, artist designers and IT experts to innovate and deliver exciting online game experiences to players. They may work on casino style games for social media platforms, or they may create fun logic and puzzle solving games for mobile users. Mobile developers work with various initiatives across multiple platforms. Employers expect them to be passionate game developers who leverage new technologies to create more compelling mobile games. They play a lead role in the development of games by working closely with game designers and artists to expand product offerings and by working with internal teams to offer technical and production advice.

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All of these software development jobs in game design will require a bachelor’s degree related to a field like software development and engineering, or game software design and development.