What Schools Offer an Online Game Design Program?

Are you interested in earning a game design degree online? If you would like to earn your degree so that you can fulfill employment requirements to get hired as an entry-level game developer or designer, the first step is earning a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. While there are both traditional and online degree programs for prospective game design students to choose from, online programs tend to offer much more flexible scheduling for individuals who plan on studying while they are working and fulfilling their familial obligations at home. What you will quickly learn is that not all universities offer game design programs online, and sifting through the list of specialty schools can be a daunting task. Here is a list of the most popular schools offering distance education programs within the field.

Schools Offering Video Game Courses and Programs

Video game courses were not popular within higher education institutions just a decade ago. With video games and computer games becoming increasingly popular and the industry becoming a very lucrative one, more and more formal education classes and programs are being developed. If you want to make the process of searching for these newer degree programs easier, you can locate a long list of universities, colleges, art schools and trade schools that currently offer certificates and degree programs majoring in game design by visiting theĀ Entertainment Software Association website.

The ESA is an association dedicated to the improvement of the video gaming industry, and does active research on the field as well as trends in an effort to benefit companies and professionals within the field. By reviewing the list of schools published as members, you can reduce the time it takes to locate schools with programs held entirely online.

What to Consider When You Take an Online Degree Program?

If you are convinced that studying for your game design program online is right for you, it is important to select the best degree program possible so that you can become a valuable asset as a professional within the gaming industry. Because you must learn such technical skills when you are studying game design, it is best to study with a school known for its programming and computer science degree programs. Academy of Art University, Rasmussen College, and Full Sail University are all private schools that are known for offering high-quality online degrees in Game Programming and Design.

These schools are all classified as “private” and for-profit schools, which means that the tuition rates may be higher than those that are public or non-profit. By keeping this in mind, you can budget and determine if studying online is the right option for you. Only schools that are accredited by a regional body recognized by the US Department of Education will offer Financial Aide at a Federal level. If you are reliant on this aide to complete school, you should verify the school you select does participate as a member at a regional level.

Online degree programs offer many advantages. If you would like to study as you work, or you simply are not located near a school offering game design coursework, online programs are a great alternative. Consider your options, and choose the best accredited program.