What Scholarships are Available for those Pursuing an Online Game Design Degree?

Online game design scholarships are great for smart, budget-conscious students who are pursuing degrees in game design. You can dig yourself into quite the pile of debt when you are studying to earn a degree, no matter how far the degree can take you later on in life. While having a degree is very important if you want to compete for a job in the technology sector, it is important to look for ways to avoid taking out federal and private loans that must be paid back just months after you earn your diploma. Major specific scholarships are the answer. Here are some of the many types of scholarships to look out for if you are majoring in game design:

Scholarships With Less Competition

Your best chances of being granted a scholarship are when you apply for a school-specific scholarship where only the student body is eligible to apply. School-specific scholarships are generally funded by contributions made by the public and by faculty payroll deductions. They can be disbursed to those who are selected for the opportunity, or to specific majors who meet eligibility requirements. If you are already enrolled in school, check with your student affairs office to see which opportunities are currently active. These opportunities may come and go at different times during the year, so it is important to check frequently. 

Check For Scholarships Through Professional Agencies and Organizations

Now that you know where to start looking, you can add to your list of opportunities by looking for other opportunities posted at a national level. The competition for opportunities that are published by professional organizations and agencies in game design and development may be more fierce, but you can still compete for a merit or needs-based opportunity as long as you meet the eligibility requirements. Many times a school-specific opportunity will require that you have completed at least 24 credits to qualify, but this is not this case with many national opportunities. You do, however, need to show you are dedicated to school and motivated to achieve with a good academic performance.

Many different organizations offer scholarships to students studying for a game design degree. Some of the organizations include the International Game Developers Association, Microsoft, Electronic Arts and the ESA Foundation, who has a program where 30 scholarships of $3000 each are granted to full-time undergraduate students who are majoring in video game arts and who maintain a GPA of 2.75 or higher. It is important to start researching the active opportunities and requirements early on so that you do not miss out on the deadlines. 

There are so many different places to look for scholarships that the search can become a daunting one. While there are many different sources to search through, you need to know where the competition is high and where it is not as fierce first. School specific awards are great for new applicants. After you get these applications submitted, you can then fill out applications for loads of national opportunities funded by professional organizations or by memorial funds. As you can see, online game design scholarships are available, you just need to start looking.

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