What is a Quality Assurance Specialist in Video Games?

A quality assurance specialist in video games is a technical specialist who works on engineering teams that test applications. They use their strong attention to detail and excellent communication skills to develop rigorous testing methodologies that ensure that gaming products meet the highest standards and levels of customer satisfaction.

Job Description

Quality assurance specialists perform validation and regression testing. They report issues and track resolutions through internal tracking systems. They work as important members of QA teams that ensure quality reviews, periodic updates and releases of our current projects. Quality assurance specialists advocate for end users and ensure high quality user experiences. They investigate customer complaints, non-conformance issues and identified system vulnerabilities. They devise, evaluate and interpret the framework adequacy of quality assurance standards. Senior quality assurance specialists spearhead project development, draft quality assurance procedures and review the efficiency of quality inspection systems. When necessary, they monitor risk management activities, evaluate findings and implement corrective actions.

Expected Abilities

Quality assurance specialists should have the ability to work independently with minimal supervision, think critically and solve problems and work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. They need the ability to effectively manage multiple projects based on deadlines and priorities. Experience with industry standards, quality control procedures and project management techniques are highly recommended. They need strong analytical skills related to problem-solving and root-cause analysis methods. Excellent writing skills are needed to document and formulate formal reports. The ability to communicate complex ideas and concepts to non-technical personnel is a must. Experience operating in a team environment that constantly communicates will help quality assurance specialists achieve their work objectives.

Ideal Education

Quality assurance specialists usually have a bachelor’s degree in software development, computer programming or mobile application development. A limited number of schools offer IT specializations in quality assurance or control programs. These programs prepare graduates to test and apply quality control procedures to web, mobile and desktop applications using best practices and standards. These programs often assign students to work on projects together as members of software development teams. Graduates are familiar with every stage of the software development life cycle, which includes planning, execution and debugging. Students are exposed to a wide variety of current video games, but they are expected to have a personal passion for video games.

Standard Classes

Even if quality assurance specialists only earn a certificate or take select classes, attending college-level classes will help them in their careers. Some of the best classes to take include technical reporting, business analysis, user experience design, collaborative application development and quality management systems. Technical reporting training illustrates how to prepare written and visual presentations, which includes proposals, instructions and formal progress reports. Students learn how to simplify information design principles, include visuals for various contexts and arranging content to satisfy diverse audience members. Learning how to satisfy project development requirements will help students analyze individual components of the whole software development process through standard tools. Studying how to apply user experience standards while ensure a quality user experience.

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Those who want to become a quality assurance specialist in video games should consider obtaining the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) certification.