Where are Online Game Design Positions Located?

Finding a location for online game design positions is just as important as where you study or what you study. Why would you finish a degree at a college close to your family if you could only find a job working hours away after graduation? While some people think that these jobs are only available in big cities on the East Coast or West Coast, the popularity of online gaming led to smaller studios opening up across the country. Before you start your job search, think about how much money you might make and what the job entails.

What is an Online Game Designer?

An online game designer is someone who makes games designed for use online. While some people might think of the makers of Facebook and social networking games, these designers also create games for different platforms, including Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Many of the more popular video games today include an online option that lets players connect with other players from around the world and broaden the scope of the original game. Designers create concepts for new games, turn those ideas into full fledged games and test the games to identify any problems or glitches. It can take years before an idea becomes a game.

How Much do Designers Make?

Some people want to know the location for online game design positions because they think that some areas pay more than others. Larger cities across the country have a higher cost of living, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily make more working for a company located in one of those bigger areas. According to¬†Jason W. Bay, game designers typically start out making around $45,000 a year and those with more experience can make up to $100,000 a year or more.

Where Game Designers Work

Game designers work all around the world. Zynga, which is the popular company behind games like FarmVille, ChefVille and Castleville has offices in Toronto, Bangalore and Beijing, but the company also has positions available in its Orlando and San Francisco offices. California was once home to some of the top Internet companies in the world, but when the bubble burst, many of those companies folded or moved to less expensive cities. You’ll still find some design jobs listed in San Francisco, Los Angeles and other towns in California, but you can also find jobs in Seattle and other cities along the West Coast.

Designing Yourself

When looking at the top location for online game design positions, you might find that there aren’t any jobs close to your hometown. Thanks to the growth of online apps and smartphone games, you can now find a job almost anywhere in the world. Many designers found success building games on their own, and some designers make a comfortable living from a single app they designed. No matter where you live, you can build your own studio out of your garage or home.

As long as you have the proper training and a portfolio that showcases your past designs, you’ll likely find a job working in the video game industry. The best location for online game design positions depends on where you want to work, but you’ll find jobs located all across the country and in other parts of the world.