How Do You Become a Mobile Software Developer?

There are many paths to become a mobile software developer. Some software developers earn a bachelor’s degree and complete an internship, while others simply hone their technical acumen and programming skills to immediately start working. Mobile software developers create, code, test and debug mobile software programs. They may add new functionality, enhance existing functionality and evaluate project feasibility to make recommendations. Mobile software developers must drive innovation, technology integration and application design organization.

Earn a Degree

Mobile software developers can jump start their careers through earning a two- or four-year degree in programming, computer science or software development, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Advanced positions may require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a field like software engineering. These degrees may offer classes in mobile, database, web server, web page and object-oriented programming. Students will learn about programming languages, technologies, security, development and administration. A mobile application or software engineering program will help students acquire the skills and knowledge needed to program mobile devices across multiple platforms like Apple, Android and Windows.

Students must learn how to apply computer science theories and programming principles to develop, test and evaluate the mobile software applications and systems. After graduation, students should possess the creative experience and technical talents to successfully join and contribute to a mobile application development team. Classes on programming concepts cover logic, flow charting and programming techniques. For example, classes in Microsoft Visual C++ introduce students to standard visual development tools. Students may take classes in JAVA programming language to learn about developing Web-based applications and server programming.

Preferred Skills and Experience

Employers want mobile software developers who have hands-on mobile development experience in brand name platforms and programming environments. They should have experience participating in teams and projects that design security measures, code new updates, use debugging tools, architect software solutions and conduct performance optimization duties. Mobile software developers need to be comfortable helping end users troubleshoot technical software issues. Employers may either want extensive experience with multiple software applications, or they may want software developers who use specific design tools and languages.

Some employers will want mobile software developers who know how to design and integrate software applications on multiple platform types into existing architecture. Senior mobile software developers will know how to evaluate programming forms and processes for application testing, debugging and methodology standardization. Mobile software developers will need excellent verbal and written communication skills. They must have the ability to effectively explain design proposals, product architectures and project requirements to senior management. Software developers should have an advanced understanding of programming fundamentals, such as architecture design, relational databases, algorithm analysis, data structures and memory management.

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Students who are passionate about computer science and information technology should pursue jobs that involve any type of software development. These jobs may allow them to work on project teams with software application engineers and outsourced development partners who design and execute complex products and platforms. A software development job may involve all stages of software project development, such as the initial proposal, solution design, code testing and recommendation analysis.