How Long Does it Take to Complete a Degree in Online Game Design?

Are you interested in learning more about the online game design timeline for earning a degree? If you have always had a passion for gaming and design, earning an online degree could land you the position of your dreams. While a degree will help you gain footing in the field, it is important to know just how long you must commit to schooling in order to attain a degree. As you start to compare different online degree programs majoring in game design, you will notice that many timelines are similar in nature. They will depend entirely on the credit requirements, the class schedule and whether you are enrolled as a part-time or full-time student. Read on, and learn about the factors that will affect how long you spend in school.

What Type of Degree Are You Pursuing?

There are a variety of types of degrees that are video game design related available online. You need to decide which degree program you are qualified for, and which program will help you achieve your career goals before you commit to any type of degree program. The first option is earning a certificate or an Associate’s degree, which will help you land an entry-level position in the industry with a smaller firm. These entry-level degrees can be earned in 12 months to 24 months when you study full-time, longer if you are enrolled part-time.

You will have more opportunities in game design, modeling, computer graphics and programming if you earn a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in the field. Bachelor’s degree programs, which may be called a Bachelor’s in Game Art and Design or Game Design and Development, generally consist of 120 credits. If you are enrolled in 15 credits each semester, which is typically a high amount, you can complete your degree in 48 months. It is more common for full-time undergrad students to spend 4.5 years studying unless they complete extra credits in the summer. You will typically spend 24 months of additional study time earning a Master’s degree program with a 20 to 24 credit curriculum.

What is the Program Layout?

One of the great things about an online game design degree program is how flexible the scheduling can be. Unlike a traditional program, where the semesters typically run from January to May and August to December, you may be able to complete classes at a more accelerated pace. You can compare programs that have a year-round layout, which eliminates to 6 to 12 week break between semesters so that you can complete school sooner. If you find programs with these unique layouts, you can set a much shorter timeline than the average student who will study at least 4 years to earn a bachelor’s and at least 6 years to earn a Master’s.

You must decide the educational path that you would like to take before you can truly map out any type of timelines to earn your online game design degree. Make sure that you find out which game design jobs are high in demand, and what type of degree is required for these positions. With the demand for graduates on the rise, competition for admission is fierce. After you settle on a degree type and a specific institution, you can meet with an adviser and make a personalized online game design timeline for your degree.