What is the Job Outlook for Online Game Designers?

Are you interested in learning about the online game design job outlook? Are you debating whether or not pursuing a career in game design is the right career path to take? If you are comparing different majors and different job outlook statistics in various fields, you are taking a great first step to choosing the best career based on supply and demand. If you do not consider supply and demand as well as past and future growth in the market, you could be stuck using the degree you earned to secure a position in an unrelated field.

One of the main reasons why only 27 percent of college graduates have a job that is related to their major is because the supply of graduates in many fields outweighs the demand for professionals. If you want to earn a college degree that you will put to use, doing your homework on the labor market is essential. Read on, and find out if job outlook in the field of game design is positive.

Growth in Game Design in the Past Decade

Knowing trends that are presented in the market is important when you are making a life decision regarding your profession. By combining information on past growth in the market and the future outlook, you can make a well-rounded decision. The field of game design has seen steady job growth, but did experience a plateau when the recession hit. While there was a stagnant period in the market, the introduction of new motion-based console systems and advanced computers has prompted growth in the market.

What Does the Future Look Like in Video Game Design?

The job outlook in the field of video game design is positive. As technologies continue to advance and new games are being designed for various platforms, individuals with a degree in the field will enjoy a lot of opportunity. In fact, with more and more companies developing mobile applications and social media games, the need for professionals with a specialty in mobile computing platforms is expected to skyrocket.

Mobile device and social media gaming are not the only areas where the demand for designers will grow. As major gaming consoles continue to compete for market share, the need for designers who are talented and can design more graphically and feature-rich games will also grow. While the demand for designers is on the rise, the supply of graduates who are in the process of earning a game design degree is also on the rise. Competition in the field is fierce, and this is why earning your degree is so important. Based on predictions made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of animators of designers is predicted to grow by 6 percent by the year 2022.

There are several different paths that you can take, but if you have a passion for design and video games this field may be right up your alley. Make sure that you consider the outlook and the past trends when you are making a long-term decision. By learning about the online game design job outlook, you can make a decision based on the facts and not just your passions.