What Interests Should One Have Before Deciding to Pursue an Online Game Design Degree?

The video games that young people grow up playing often inspire careers in game design, and the video game industry is a multi-billion dollar one making it an attractive choice for many. While the video game industry presents plenty of job opportunities and potential for career growth, gaining entry into the industry is a very competitive process. Many video game design firms do not require a degree in game design as a condition of employment, but savvy game designers are beginning to bring degrees earned at reputable online game design schoolsto the table in hopes that it gives them a competitive advantage over their peers. Here are some interests that aspiring game designers usually have before they decide to enroll in game design degree programs.

Wildly Imaginative Storytelling

The reason that people flock to certain video games over others is not necessarily because they are programmed to exacting technical precision. Typically, a game that has a compelling, challenging or otherwise appealing story plot attracts mass video game enthusiasts. These games often transcend geographical boundaries and become favorites of the international gaming community. While successful game designers usually arrive at school with the makings of the vivid imagination required to create compelling story plots, certain academic degree programs help these students develop their natural talents through multi-disciplinary course work in liberal arts and humanities.

Digital Artistry and Graphic Design

Many aspiring video game designers’ imaginations extend beyond creative writing and delve into actual two and three-dimensional drawings. If this particular talent is there or can be easily cultivated, the game designer only needs to learn how to translate his or her artwork into usable digital formats. These students often have an insatiable desire to further hone their drawing skills and expand their artistic abilities into the digital realm. Enrollment in an online game design degree program usually gives them the exact opportunity they need for future success in the game design specialization of graphic design and animation.

Software Development

One of the core competencies in the game design industry is cutting edge software development, and serious game design degree candidates generally are interested in learning everything about efficient development methods and even new programming languages. Most experts suggest that aspiring software developers learn foundational design and development practices that they can then apply to any future development project in any language. However, some popular languages for game designers are C, C++, Java, Flash, Pascal and Python.

Creative Problem Solving

Many game design students often look for creative ways to develop their designs, animated characters and even their plot lines. This type of creativity is a mindset of not simply adopting mainstream solutions but applying original ideas within a proven design and development framework. This is the innovative attitude that game design firms look for in potential employees as their ideas often lead to games that provide their companies with distinct advantages over competitor firms.


While an obvious interest of video game designers is a genuine desire to play video games, however this trait alone will not equip one to pass a rigorous game design degree program much less sustain a long-term career in the highly competitive industry. Gamers must have a variety of characteristics in order to be successful.  The interests described above combine to create the well-rounded, talented game designers that the big game development firms tend to recruit.