Are there Differences in Designing Games for Consoles vs. Online Play?

If you would like to study game design, you must understand the differences of designing console vs online games. While console gaming is thriving with the release of the Xbox One and the Playstation 4, more and more gamers are turning to online games as they grow in popularity due to advertisements through social media platforms. PC gamers may say console gaming is dying, console gamers may say that online PC games are not up to par, but the truth of the matter is that there is a great demand for quality games with quality graphics in both markets.

If you would like to work in game design, you should choose the market that you prefer and understand the design techniques and principles for that type of gaming platform. Read on, and learn more about the differences between online and console gaming design so that you can decide which path you would like to take.Game System

Learning the Game Engine Technology for Each Platform

One of the main reasons why game design is different between online and console gaming is because PCs and consoles use very different game engine technology. To truly understand how to design a game on either platform, you must first understand the engine technology. There are several different game engines that have been used since video gaming became a beloved hobby and a profession for some.

The software framework, or game engine, that can be used to create games can differ between consoles, PCs and mobile devices. This is because the framework includes a rendering engine (which can turn your code into 2D and 3D graphics), a physics engine, sound engines, networking engines, AI, scene graph engine and more depending on the complexity of the game. Because the visual development tools between each type of game will be different, different knowledge is necessary to design online games than what you would need to design console games.

Solutions That Make Source Code on Each Platform Recognizable

Most game engine software programs are designed to help video game designers through the process of development so that the graphics, sound and artificial intelligence are seamless and work together. There is a newer type of solution, created to be run on various platforms, that is referred to as middleware. Middleware programs are now being taught in video game design programs because the source code used requires little to no changes between platforms. This means that creating an online game that can be read on console platforms is possible with the right game engine.

With this being said, students must still learn about the different application programming interfaces that engines are built on while they are in school. These APIs can be different between each platform because the peripheral devices and hardware between a PC computer and console are a bit different. This is why there are courses specifically on online game design and others on console gaming design.

The demand for talented and educated video game designers is on the rise, and this is why the number of colleges offering video game design courses doubled in 2012. Make sure to review the curriculum of a program before you enroll in it. Once you find a program that will teach you the difference of console vs online games in depth, you can start your studies.