Is a Degree in Online Game Design Necessary to Apply for Game Design Positions?

Do you want to know if you can apply for game design positions without an online game design degree? Maybe you hear about those designers who work out of their garages and make thousands of dollars every month. While there are some designers who fund success without a degree, they are few and far between. Earning your degree teaches you skills and talents that you just can’t earn on your own.

What Do Online Game Designers Do?

Online game designers create flash games and other programs that players can use on their home computers, tablets, laptops and smartphones. With the number of people now using smartphones in lieu of computers, many companies now focus on creating games that people use on their mobile devices. They come up with a new idea, create the programming for that game and run through a series of tests to ensure that the game is compatible with different devices.

Why You Need Education

Before you apply for game design positions without an online game design degree, think about the competition that you face. Development companies like King and Zynga make some of the most popular games in the world. Millions of people play Candy Crush, Words with Friends, Farmville and other games, and they see the logo for that company every time that they play. With those companies have an open slot, thousands of people apply. Development companies want people who have a strong background and a number of skills. Ryan Shwayder recommends that you read as much as possible and play games online as you attend school and apply for jobs.

What Do You Learn in School?

Online game design programs are available both online and offline. These programs teach you the fundamental skills that the top designers in the world possess. You learn how to draw inspiration from the games that you play and the more popular games of the time, but you also learn how to develop your characters and create a game that people want to play. Game design programs also teach you how to program the software behind those games and how to test your games before releasing them to the public.

How to Find a School

When you apply for game design positions without an online game design degree, you might face multiple rejections. Many development companies care as much about your practical and real life experience as they do about your education. You need to find a school that offers you both the skills that you need and the freedom that you crave. A good school will offer a combination of core, general education and specialized courses and have accreditation.

Those entering game design programs today are the ones responsible for creating the hit games of tomorrow. No matter how much experience you have playing games, the games you created in the past and the books that you read, employers still care about education. Before you apply for game design positions without an online game design degree and face rejections from those employers, consider applying for a program that will give you some more knowledge and experience creating and designing games for different devices.

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