How Do You Create Your Own Video Game-Oriented Blog?

If you love playing video games and staying up to date on new releases, you might wonder how to create a video game-oriented blog. Anyone can create a blog in minutes, but it takes some time to reach readers and build up your network of followers. As there are a lot of existing gaming blogs out there, you need to find a way to set yours apart from the pack. Before you start playing and writing, you need to pick the right platform for your blog.

Choose a Platform

The two most common platforms for launching a blog are Blogger and WordPress. Both let you create an account and a blog for free, and both come with some easy to use tools for adding features to your site. You can create a section of links to other blogs you follow, add a counter that shows the number of visitors who stopped by your site and even incorporate simple games to your account. You can also purchase a full domain for your site and place your blog on a web hosting site.

Create Content

When looking at how to create a video game-oriented blog, you need to create content for your site that is unique and unlike the same information found on other sites. Posting word for word press releases won’t drive traffic to your site because visitors can view those press releases on hundreds of other sites. Successful bloggers recommend that you write the same way that you talk and that you write about topics that interest you, according to BlogHer. If you find your content interesting, others will too. Try to think outside of the box and incorporate tips or info that goes beyond the obvious.

Use Images and Videos

A blog built around video games must include images and videos of those games. Whether you play online, on your computer or on a console like the XBOX One or PlayStation 4, you can capture videos that show those games in action. Those videos let you create tutorials that show other players how to get through a specific level or how to find hidden objects in those games. You can also take images as you play that show others what certain characters look like or how the graphics in a new game will look.

Make Money

The most common reason why game lovers look at how to create a video game-oriented blog is because they want to make money playing games. There are a few ways you can make some extra income off that blog. One is through the use of ads. Google has an Adsense program that pays you a small amount when someone views an ad or clicks on that ad and buys something via the link. You can also become an Amazon affiliate and sell Amazon products on your site. Amazon lets you pick the products you want to feature in those capsule ads. You get a percentage of each sale made through that affiliate link.

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As a lover of video games, you can share that love with other gamers via your own blog. There are a number of platforms and web hosting companies that can help you create that site. As you learn how to create a video game-oriented blog, make sure you focus on creating unique content and finding ways to make money off your work.