What Careers are Available to those who Major in Game Design?

Finding out what careers are available to those who major in game design will reveal the vibrancy and bleeding-edge nature of the game industry. Just like a movie or television show, game design companies require the talents of many different artists and professionals. Although small-scale smartphone games are often programmed by a single, talented coder, major games built by industry leaders take the talents of hundreds of people. This means a major in game design may lead to all sorts of career opportunities.

Terrific Salary Opportunities

One of the biggest draws of any industry is the potential for growth, job security, and income. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the jobs associated with the gaming industry are often high paying jobs or have tremendous growth potential.

For example, software developers may earn over $90,000 a year, which is around $45 an hour. If a student feels artistically inclined, he or she may consider the job of a graphic designer, which pays almost $45,000 a year. There are also jobs in game design for multimedia artists and animators, and their salaries regularly rise above $60,000 a year.

Choosing a Path and Finding a Career

Like any broad industry, game design is one where a student might not have a clear picture where he or she wants to work until graduation. Classes usually help students to figure out what they like most about game design so that they can apply those skills to a career of their choice.

Obvious jobs within the gaming industry include jobs with titles like game designer, lead designer, and level designer. There are also jobs that support game designers like producers, project managers, sound engineers, and programmers. Further, a student may want to work for a particular type of game company.

For example, some companies design games for smartphones, like Zynga. Other companies, like Nintendo and Microsoft create games for console systems. There are also major companies that create games for online play like Blizzard (owned by Activision) and Riot.

Finding the Jobs After Graduation

Game design is an industry where it pays to have friends who already work for game companies. Although it may be tough on a student’s finances, taking the role of an intern at a company may be the best way to secure future employment with one of the large game design firms like Electronic Arts or Activision. Most of the jobs in game design tend to be in California, New York, Washington, and Massachusetts.

Another traditional starting point for getting a game design job is as a tester, who is someone who helps to debug games by testing levels and spending time in the game world. A student may want to become a tester while enrolled in college or school so that he or she has some experience in the industry before graduation.

Game design is a multibillion dollar industry that’s currently showing a lot of positive growth and opportunity. Finding out what careers are available to those who major in game design is an important project before enrolling in classes since career choice may influence which school would offer the best curriculum for a student’s job goals.