What Academic Levels are Available in the Field of Online Game Design?

Are you interested in learning about the various online game design academic levels that exist today? Video game design is a growing field that is more in demand than ever before. As the population of game users grows, and the technology in the field advances, the need for candidates who possess a formal academic degree will rise. To meet this demand, more and more schools are developing their very own specialized game design degree programs that can be completed online. One major decision that you will need to make is what type of degree you would like to earn. Are you interested in earning basic skills, or would you like to be a master game designer? Read on, and learn more about the academic levels that exist today.

Undergraduate Degrees in Game Design

If you currently do not hold a degree in game design, the first step to becoming a degree holder in the field is earning an undergraduate degree. There are currently two academic levels for students pursuing a career in game design. An Associate’s degree is an entry-level degree that will help students grasp a firm foundation in the skills and concepts of the field of game design. As an introductory degree program, students will be expected to complete core courses and major courses that cover basic principles and concepts.

The next undergraduate degree level to consider is the Bachelor’s degree. There are several different titles for this major, but the most common is Game and Art Design. If you earn a Bachelor’s degree, you will go beyond introductory coursework to build stronger foundation of knowledge related to the field. Not only will you be required to complete core coursework, you will also take more challenging major coursework to enhance your field-related skills. Those who want to compete in today’s highly competitive employment market should consider a Bachelor’s degree at a minimum.

Graduate-Level Degree Programs

You are not necessarily done with school if you have a Bachelor’s degree in video game design. If you want to attain a specialized knowledge that relates to game design, you should consider enrolling in a terminal Master’s degree program. You need to have a variety of different talents to excel in game design, and a Master’s degree program with a concentration in one of the many different areas crucial to the field can help you become an expert. Take courses centered around game playability, technology, analytics and more. While general courses are available, a Master’s level program is more specialized based on your specific career path and interests.

If you are not sure which academic level is best for you to pursue, you need to consider several different factors. Demand is high for candidates with advanced degrees, but there are more entry-level positions than ever before. If salary is a concern of yours, undergrads earn an average of $54,000 per year and graduate degree holders earn an average of $59,500. While the competition is fierce in the field, those who have a degree and experience tend to beat out applicants with one of the two. Consider the job qualification requirements, and choose which of the online game design academic levels is best for you.

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